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Microsoft Research Scholarships

PhD Students: Microsoft Research has issued a call for applications to its PhD Fellowship Program. To apply, you must be a PhD student currently (F13) entering your 2nd or 3rd year of studies. These fellowships are highly selective (12 were awarded in North America last year) and prestigious. They pay $28K USD per year, plus tuition and a travel allowance, for two years. For additional details of eligibility requirements and the application procedure, please see: Microsoft Research is also accepting applications for the 2014 Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholarship Program. Applicants must be full-time, female students, enrolled in their *first* year of graduate program with an accredited university in the US or Canada, with a research focus in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering. For qualifications and application procedures, please see:…

Programmer Job Opportunity

We are seeking a bright, motivated individual to develop a software tool to aggregate stream reaches. More specifically the tool will automate a spatially constrained clustering algorithm that aggregates adjacent reaches of similar landscape character into larger stream valley segment units.  You would be adapting and migrating existing VBA code (MS-Excel) called Valley-segment Affinity Search Technique (VAST) that was originally developed for use in Michigan. VAST needs some adaptations to optimize it for use in Ontario. It also needs to be migrated from VBA to Matlab.  The successful candidate will work closely with research staff. Demonstrated experience in programming and working with databases are required. VBA and Matlab programming experience is an asset. General GIS and GIS programming experience is also an asset.
Demonstrated experience in programming experience in programming (i.e. software development) and working with databases is required. GIS experience is…

Recruiting students for student life video

Are you interested in sharing your student life experience with future Waterloo students? If so, please participate in our Student Life video organized by the Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment team. 
To register, fill out an application:

For questions, please contact Andrew Smith (