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Math International Exchange Info Session - Fall 2023

Want to study abroad? The Math International Exchange Information Session will give you all the answers to questions you may have on how to study at another university. Go to MC1085 on Monday, September 25 from 5-630PM. Food will be provided.
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Jane Street Tech Talk at UWaterloo

Jane Street, the sponsor of the Waterloo ICPC team, is hosting a Tech Talk in DC 1302 on October 3rd @ 3:30 PM in DC 1302. 

Ask-Me-Anything with tech entrepreneur Abid Dobani

The Math Innovation Office is proud to host the  Entrepreneurship and Impact Series  which aims to bring experienced, successful entrepreneurs to UWaterloo to share their stories and inspire students. This series will feature an impressive lineup of speakers who have used their backgrounds in mathematics and computer science to create startups, build innovative products, and forge their own paths to success. This exclusive  'Ask Me Anything ' event will feature  Abid Dobani,   a   Senior Executive in the finance industry.   This is your chance to get up close and personal with Abid (BMath ’06) and ask him anything about his journey as an entrepreneur, the challenges he faced, and the lessons he learned along the way. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking for guidance or just curious about the life of a successful business leader, this is an event you won't want to miss. So come with your questions and be prepared to be inspired by Abid's story! Joi

Ask-Me-Anything with tech entrepreneur Frank Yam

You are invited to an exclusive Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) with tech entrepreneur Frank Yam. You will hear about Frank’s educational journey at Waterloo, exceptional career promoting IT governance and security, experiences working in the Asia-Pacific innovation ecosystem and more. Following the AMA, we invite you for refreshments and to network and socialize with us in the fishbowl. Bring your questions and be prepared to be inspired! Please see the attached poster for more details. For questions, please contact Melissa Nantais .

Master of Science in Computational Finance Program at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon  will be at the Student Life Centre on the University of Waterloo campus on Tuesday, September 19 from 10am until 2pm ET. They are looking for  students with a strong technical background in mathematics, statistics, and programming with an interest in a career in the finance industry.  Feel free to stop by and learn more about how MSCF can help students begin their careers in quantitative finance.

UW Student Success program applications (The Zero Experience)

If you want to stand out but don’t know where to start, join The Zero Experience; a weekly crash-course with peers in innovating from scratch.  “I’m starting to think the Zero Experience was one of the best things I’ve done in my university career. I will always recommend this program to my peers.” – Sean, 2A alum In this fast-paced, completely virtual program, you’ll take initiative to tackle global problems, ideate creative solutions, meet innovation leaders, network with peers, and learn how to immediately distinguish yourself from the crowd. Emerge with meaningful projects and clear next steps towards crafting startups, research projects, an impactful career, and more. “It's hard to put my finger on anything specific, but I feel like the Zero Experience rekindled my love of learning and trying to understand the world. I'm still riding that high.” – Jayne, 1B alum Now in its fourth year with over 1500 UW student alumni, the Zero Experience is where you start making an impac

STV 202: Design & Society--room available

  There's still room in STV202!