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IBM Research-Austin hiring multiple mobile researchers

IBM recently unveiled MobileFirst, a major initiative to develop mobile-related technologies and products that include security, analytics, mobile app development, and cloud-based backend services.  MobileFirst is already causing dramatic shifts in the focus of our product and research teams, and the Austin Research lab has been asked to lead key portions of IBM's mobile research agenda.

IBM Research-Austin has multiple openings for systems researchers who can help us drive IBM's mobile research agenda.  We are helping develop IBM's mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) platform, and exploring topics related to runtimes for mobile backend services, mobile analytics, and mobile services (e.g., location, identity, data with varying consistency and availability requirements, and security).  We are also building novel mobile applications and services for industries such as healthcare, energy, education, and agriculture.

Ideal candidates will have experience performing world-class research on mobile apps or backends, but we are happy to provide an opportunity for skilled researchers who want to shift their focus to this new mobile world. Talented researchers, fresh or experienced, from most areas of software systems research are welcome, e.g., distributed systems, OS, storage, networking, and runtimes.

On a less technical note, Austin is a booming tech center with many tech behemoths (IBM, Apple, Qualcomm, ...) and born-on-the-web up-and-comers (HomeAway, VRBO, RetailMeNot, ...).  We are the "Live Music Capital of the World" thanks to SXSW, Austin City Limits, and hundreds of live music venues.  Austin pops up on most Top Ten Places to Live / Work and has a cost of living roughly 60% of Silicon Valley or NYC.  In short, Austin is a great place to live and work.

If you are interested in these positions, you can find more details below.  To apply, send me email with your CV and background material you think would be useful.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Dr. John Carter <>, Senior Manager (Future Systems), IBM Research - Austin
IBM Research-Austin has multiple positions (permanent and postdoc, fresh PhD or experienced professional) for world class researchers in the following research areas:

  • Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS): Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the primary way that people access internet content and services.  This shift is changing not only user experiences, but also the way that back end services in the data center are built and managed.  Our lab is exploring novel ways to build the mobile backend software stack of the future.  This effort includes both the core MBaaS design, as well as services tailored for mobile apps, e.g., location, identity, data, and security.  Research areas pertinent to this work include distributed systems, middleware services, cloud computing environments, security, and language runtimes.
  • Mobile Applications: At the core of the mobile revolution is the explosion in mobile apps.  As any good systems researcher knows, using the right workload is critical to evaluate and optimize a system.  To drive the work described above, we are partnering with both internal (IBM) and external mobile software developers.  To augment these partnerships, we are looking for researchers with experience building, scaling, and evaluating mobile applications.

Successful candidates will have deep knowledge related to one or more of the above areas and the demonstrated ability to carry their ideas through to the prototype and implementation level.  Candidates should have a substantial track record of publishing research results in top research conferences and/or journals.  Applicants who have implemented substantial projects are preferred.  Experience with mobile systems is preferred, but not required.  Creative thinking and the ability to work in a team are required.  Successful researchers must disseminate the results of their research through papers, patent disclosures, conference presentations, and the like, so strong communication skills are important.  New hires will contribute to existing projects, but also be given the freedom to initiate new projects relevant to IBM.

IBM Research-Austin is one of 12 IBM research laboratories worldwide.  Our lab focuses on systems research that pushes the limits of emerging technologies.  We are working on mobile systems, software-defined networking, power management, workload-optimized systems for Big Data (analytics), OpenPOWER (scale-out POWER), and Smarter Planet (water management and cancer treatment).  Our work is highly collaborative, both within the lab and beyond.  And Austin is an awesome place to live!



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