Friday, 5 September 2014

Pearson coding contest

The Pearson Student Coding Contest is designed to reward Contestants who develop relevant, innovative, creative, functional, and original applications that integrate with the Pearson APIs. The 2014 Contest is open and limited to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate institution within the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Can you develop a learning tool that has a measurable impact on improving someone’s life? This year, we invite you to join us on our path to ensuring the efficacy of online learning tools. Efficacy in education is about ensuring the tools learners use are driving improvements in their learning. To find out more about Pearson’s efficacy program, visit:
What are some examples that show efficacy or a positive effect on learning? An application that:
  • Reduces wrong answers
  • Increases retention rates
  • Raises exam scores
  • Accelerates student advancement
  • Improves student engagement
  • Improves teacher evaluations
  • Enables students to identify what they know and don’t know
  • Lets learners access information when and where they need to
  • First place will receive an award of $5,000
  • Second place will receive an award of $2,500
  • Third place will receive an award of $1,000
The top three (3) finalists will present their Entries at the Pearson offices in Denver, CO.

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