Thursday, 29 January 2015

Full-stack developers

anyWare is a SSHRC funded interdisciplinary/inter-institutional research creation project between Fine Arts (University of Waterloo - Assistant Professor Jane Tingley), Game Design, (Sheridan College - Professor Cindy Poremba), and Software Engineering (author of OpenSCAD - Marius Kintel). The goal of anyWare is to design an interactive, distributed sculpture, in three different locations in the world - Vienna, Toronto, and MontrĂ©al, that incorporates game design in order to structure interaction. We are seeking motivated and responsible students to work on this project. 

1. We are seeking highly motivated students who can contribute to software development for the project. This includes core and distributed logic, backend development and DevOps, as well as embedded and physical computing.
We are looking for full-stack developers with experience with agile methodologies and knowledgeable in one or more of the following fields:

• node.js (MEAN stack)
• Distributed Systems
• REST API design
• Cloud and devops
• Embedded and physical computing

2. We are seeking highly motivated students to work on the game development aspect of the project. Ideal candidates will have experience with Unity, familiarity in JavaScript, and interest in game and puzzle design. This position will include coding and prototyping interactions with 3D game objects. Experience networking for multiplayer games is a valuable asset, but not necessary.

We are hiring immediately. To apply, send cover letter and resume to

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