Monday, 9 March 2015

UW Algorithmic Trading Competition

Bloomberg has teamed up with UWFA and MFSA to host the first ever Code B: UW Algorithmic Trading Competition.  This is the perfect opportunity to show off your programming prowess and financial acumen.  Become the first UW Algorithmic Trading Champion and show us what you can build and how much money you can make in just 17 hours!  Registration is completely FREE, but hurry the last day to sign up is Wednesday March 18th by 3pm!

What is Code B?
Enter the world of high frequency trading where the smartest algorithms and best trading platforms make the most money.  At Code B, students compete to create the best trading platforms and algorithms from scratch using any programming language (Python, Java, C++etc.) with the goal of generating the most wealth by playing the market.

When is it?
The competition runs from 5pm Friday March 20th to 1pm Saturday March 21st.  The event will kick off with a Bloomberg Tech Talk. Hacking will take place in the studios of EV3; the new environment building on campus.  Tons of food and swag will be provided.  Several rounds of competitions will determine the winners Saturday morning.

Prizes for the top teams include Playstation 4’s and Parrot Drones.  Teams are predominantly scored based on their net worth at the end of the competition, however there may be additional prize categories including “Best Design”.

Want to Learn More?
Come to our information session on March 10th at 5pm in RCH 110 where Bloomberg representatives and UWFA/MFSA executives will speak more about the event and answer any questions.

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