Thursday, 10 September 2015

Argumentation Mining and Natural Language Processing course for Fall 2015

In Fall 2015, the Cheriton School of Computer Science will be offering an Argumentation Mining and Natural Language Processing CS 499R reading course.

This course would be of interest to fourth-year students who are considering graduate studies at Waterloo next year or who might be interested in NLP, particularly in combining knowledge-based NLP with Machine Learning. No experience in Argumentation Mining or Natural Language Processing is necessary.

Faculty and graduate students will be participating in the course as a reading seminar and will be available to mentor students in preparing and presenting the readings.

  •      Students should have taken CS486, or be taking it concurrently, so they have some knowledge of various forms of Artificial Intelligence.

  •       An A-minus or better overall average is preferred.

For more information, contact Chrysanne Di Marco during office hours on Friday (Sept 11) from 10:30-3:00 (DC 1308) or send cdimarco@uwaterloo to arrange an appointment.

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