Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Job Opportunity at ESSA

Come sling code for the environment as ESSA’s new Technology Integrator, where our mission for over 37 years has been to bring together people, science and analytical tools to sustain healthy ecosystems and human communities.
We’re looking for a unicorn – a magical mix of desktop and web application programming expertise, database management skills, GIS know-how, and a deep desire to make a difference in the world through innovation in pursuit of effective water and fisheries management, river restoration, recovery of species at risk, environmental assessment, and climate change adaptation. And we’re really very serious about this last part – you are someone happier coding a solution for a problem about how endangered fish interact with their habitat than prototyping a disruptive language agnostic React.js mobile web application blah-blah etc. or just making a pretty map “about whatever”.
 Move along if you’re just looking for a temporary gig –We’re a highly collaborative, knowledgeable, and passionate team located in Vancouver BC.  Positions at our firm are coveted for their competitive compensation, lifestyle flexibility, supportive family atmosphere, and engaging, high-profile projects. You’ll make a difference here.

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