Monday, 9 December 2013

Spring 2014 NSERC USRAs for Co-op Students

CS Deadline for co-op USRA:  January 10, 2013

USRA applications for a spring co-op work term should be completed on the NSERC web site by January 10th. Deadline is more flexible for non co-op students. Email Margaret Towell at  if you are working on an application.

You will need a supervisor who has a research project you can work on.  Talk to some profs who are working in research areas of interest to you by checking out the bios and web pages of people in those areas:

NSERC USRA application forms:

When you have found a supervisor who has a project and they are willing to take you on, login to the online Form 202 Part 1 for students. Please upload your unofficial transcript as not doing so will delay the application.

For instructions and details on the NSERC Undergraduate Research Student procedure, please see the GSO  web page for links and information about the NSERC USRA at:

Eligibility to hold a USRA:
  • Cdn and PR students 
  • must have completed at least one year of undergraduate study 
  • a minimum overall average of at least 80% or higher if in year 2 or 80% over the last 2 years if in years 3 or 4. 
  • students must make a full-time commitment to the USRA and cannot register in courses at the same time 
  • students who have completed degree requirements may apply for a USRA if they will hold it in the term immediately after degree completion.     

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