Thursday, 16 January 2014

UT Dallas faculty positions

UT Dallas has multiple faculty openings for positions starting in Fall 2014. We are looking for outstanding candidates in all areas of computer science, particularly in software engineering, machine learning/ data sciences (read more about our computer science faculty search; read more about our software engineering faculty search).  Please inform your graduating Ph.D. students about these open positions.
UTD CS is a student-centered, research-focused department that strives to bring out the best in teaching, research, and service to the community, industry and the computing profession. With 2,000+ undergraduate and graduate students, 48 tenure-track faculty members, 19 full-time instructors, UTD CS is one of the largest departments in the country today. UTD CS had a very productive 2013. Some of the milestones reached in 2013 are highlighted below:
New Faculty Hires: Dr. Zygmunt Haas, world-renowned expert in wireless networks, joined the CS Department as a Distinguished Chair Professor (read more). Dr. Cong Liu, a promising young researcher who works in the area of real-time systems, also joined as an Assistant Professor (read more).  
Anisotropic Triangles for Computer Graphics: Associate Professor Dr. Xiaohu Guo’s group has developed a technique that uses anisotropic triangles – triangles with sides that vary in length depending on their direction – to create 3-D “mesh” computer graphics that more accurately approximate the shapes of the original objects and in a shorter amount of time than current techniques. The research appeared in ACM SIGGRAPH’13 conference (read more).
Google App Engine Research Award: Associate Professor Dr. Lawrence Chung’s team of researchers and students was one of seven worldwide recipients of the first-ever Google App Engine Research Award for innovative academic and scientific research expected to benefit society. The award allows Dr. Chung’s team to use Google cloud computing infrastructure to verify that their benchmarking and simulation project results are viable in the real world (read more).
Fourth NIST Cyber Security Framework Workshop: More than 500 government, business and academic leaders charged with protecting the nation’s infrastructure from cyber attacks met on the UT Dallas campus for a three-day workshop from September 11-13. The Cyber Security Framework Workshops were mandated by an executive order from President Obama (read more).
Expanded K-12 outreach: The CS department vastly expanded its K-12 outreach efforts in 2013 under the direction of Dr. Jey Veerasamy, organizing dozens of camps and workshops for grade school students, ranging from third graders to high school students. More than 2,000 students participated and learned computer programming in these camps. Our efforts in 2013 culminated with the celebration of CS Education Week (read more at
Cyber-Security Institute (CSI) Launched: 2013 also saw the establishment of the Cyber Security Research and Education Institute. The institute grew out of the Cyber Security Research and Education Center that was established in 2004 under the direction of Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham. The institute has garnered $23 Million in funding for research and education since its founding in 2004 (read more at

Institute for Data Analytics and Performance Management (IDAPM) Launched: This industry-oriented institute is focused on helping the industry (Dallas/Fort Worth area is home to more than 800 high-tech companies) harness “big data” analytics to improve their products and business practices (read more at

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