Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New MindSumo Challenges

Dear Students,

Please take a look at the MindSumo challenges linked below. MindSumo challenges are a great opportunity to use the skills you're learning in classes, win cash prizes, and prove yourself to potential employers. All you need to do to participate in these opportunities is sign up for MindSumo using the button in the top right on any page. To learn more, watch their 45 second video.

Rhino Poaching Challenge: Write an algorithm that unmanned drones will use to track endangered rhinos; $1000 and a trip to see your work implemented as prizes

Big Rig Challenge: Help reduce vehicle accidents from our fleet of 18 Wheelers; $1000 in prizes

Future of Mobile Challenge: Suggest features, products, or services that can leverage Sprint's new super fast SPARK network; $1000 in prizes

Any questions can be directed to aaron@mindsumo.com

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