Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New MindSumo Computer Science Projects

Dear Students,

Please take a look at these Computer Science projects from MindSumo. MindSumo projects give you work experience from impressive companies and also have cash prizes for the brightest solvers.

Make our website hub an engaging destination for visitors by American Express ( https://www.mindsumo.com/contests/make-our-website-hub-an-engaging-destination-for-visitors?utm_source=computer_fwd&utm_campaign=academicdepts&utm_medium=email ) - $1000 in prizes

Help deliver better targeted messaging to e-commerce consumers by Windsor Circle ( https://www.mindsumo.com/contests/help-deliver-better-targeted-messaging-to-e-commerce-consumers?utm_source=computer_fwd&utm_campaign=academicdepts&utm_medium=email ) - $600 in prizes

How would you troubleshoot as a network engineer? By Cisco ( https://www.mindsumo.com/contests/how-would-you-troubleshoot-as-a-network-engineer?utm_source=computer_fwd&utm_campaign=academicdepts&utm_medium=email ) - $1000 in prizes

Group stocks by similar price behavior by Susquehanna International Group ( https://www.mindsumo.com/contests/sig14?utm_source=computer_fwd&utm_campaign=academicdepts&utm_medium=email ) - $1000 in prizes

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