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Course enrollment for Spring 2018

Appointments for course enrollment began on Monday 26 March and open enrollment begins on Wednesday 28 March.

For students trying to add CS courses, we encourage you to review the course selection page.

In Computer Science,  we drop the enrolment caps by approximately 15% of the total enrolment number for the course to give advisors room to handle special cases.
We will return the enrolment caps to their actual size in the second week of classes after we have had time to deal with the special cases. This will occur on Friday, May 4, 2018, (we don't know the precise time) and remaining space will be available on a first-come-first-served basis only if the section isn't already at its enrolment total.
1. Students who selected courses but something went wrong because of:
  • enrollment capacity in a course **
  • a time conflict **
  • an academic enrolment block was applied after course selection
  • dropping or failing a course after course selection
** Please review more information under the Waiting lists section below.
2. Students who could not select courses because of:
  • a recent transfer to CS
  • their status as international exchange students
  • hospitalization
  • an S&P or ELPE decision or related academic matters
For Spring 2018, some courses have waiting lists and department consent has been placed on these courses. Waiting lists are only created when the number of students who course selected the course is greater than the number of spots in the course.
Spring 2018 courses with waiting lists:
  • CS 230
  • CS 240
  • CS 370
  • CS 446
  • CS 452
  • CS 454
  • CS 458
  • CS 486
  • CS 488
  • CS 489
  • CS 492
If you did course select any of the following courses but did not get enrolled then you have been placed on the waitlist for the course. You will be contacted at your uWaterloo email account if/when a spot becomes available for you. Available spots are offered based on random choice. Quest may show that there is space in the course but this is not accurate because the process is manual. There is no need to contact CS advisors as we will contact you when a place has become available for you.
No others students will be added to a waiting list. 
Students who want to be enrolled in waitlisted courses will need to wait until the waitlist is exhausted and department consent has been removed. A post will be made here on the CS blog when/if department consent is removed on one of the waitlisted courses. If you receive a message about department consent in Quest then this means that there is still a waiting list. 


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