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How about choosing CS 493 during course selection?

Want the chance to invent something and receive course credit?
Want to refine your ideas for your start-up before you graduate?
Want to win prizes?

CS 493/494 are the courses for you! Beginning in Fall 2018, CS majors will be able to take a two-course sequence that will take you from project ideation and selection to implementation and demonstration, to testing and a final “demo day”. Projects may range from new software systems, to contribute to existing open-source projects, to research projects. This will all be completed with a team of 3-5 members.

The first prize of $15K has been generously donated by CS alumnus, Sam Pasupalak, and the second prize of $10K has been provided by Microsoft. Prizes will be awarded as part of Demo Day at the end of CS 494.

  • Offered for the first time in Fall 2018. You can select it during the Fall course selection period from May 23-28, 2018.
  • Prerequisites: CS 246, CS 341, CS 350
  • The plan is to offer it in every Fall term.
  • Offered for the first time in Winter 2019.
  • You must have taken CS 493 in Fall 2018 to be eligible to take this course in Winter 2019.
  • The plan is to offer the course in every Winter term and all students must have completed the first course (CS 493) before enrolling in the second course.
You can find out more information by viewing the course description pages linked above. If you have specific questions about the courses that are not answered on those web pages then please contact the Course Co-ordinator, Dr. Andrew Morton,


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