Thursday, 20 June 2013

Job Opportunities at Twitter

If you are a solid Computer Scientist or Software Engineer who wants to solve problems related to big data / large-scale distributed systems and also help build a multi-billion dollar business, then please keep reading.

Twitter’s Revenue (ads) engineering team is like a startup within a larger startup, and is expanding rapidly. This is the team which is responsible for monetizing Twitter by showing highly relevant ads to users. We are looking for solid Software Engineers and Data Scientists. The team currently has dozens of bright minds from the top schools (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, IITs, etc.). We work on real-time serving systems and also big data technologies (like HDFS, Hadoop). We aggressively use and contribute to open-source systems. An example is Scalding, which is a framework for writing Hadoop jobs in Scala - which was open-sourced by this team.

For more information on the opportunity, please send an email with your resume to

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