Friday, 7 November 2014

2015-2016 NSERC/CIHR CGSM Applications

If you are applying for an NSERC CGSM or a CIHR CGSM, please check the timelines for this carefully on the GSO web site and take advantage of the support materials and information provided to help you create an excellent application:

For a strong application, follow the "application instructions"carefully (right hand menu link) and also review and follow  the "presentation standards" found through a link in the instructions.

Transcripts order deadline:  3:00 pm November 28, 2014

Do this early so you don't forget as this deadline is firm.

 Application deadline:  8:00 pm December 1, 2014 thru NSERC Portal 

  • you are advised not to wait to submit at the last minute as the portal can be busy on the last day

 RESEARCH PROPOSAL (or a discussion of your research interests):

  • get feedback from your supervisor and referee(s) and remember to use clear language that is not too technical, explain acronyms or short forms, and organize it where possible using the suggested NSERC format. Check the NSERC "APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS" for this part of the application.


  • give referees plenty of notice and advise them of the evaluation criteria so that they can address these in their reference
  • 50% academic excellence
  • 30% research ability and potential
  • 20% leadership, communication and interpersonal
  • provide copies of post secondary transcripts, CV or resume, your Research Proposal and any other information to help them evaluate and recommend you with regard to the evaluation criteria

NOTE 1: For those students applying for graduate studies at Waterloo, a separate OGS application is not required  This NSERC/CIHR CGSM application will be used to consider applicants for both the CGSM and the OGS scholarships.

NOTE 2:  Although your NSERC/CIHR CGSM application will be sent to all proposed universities you indicate in your application, please be aware that the OGS competition is managed internally by each institution and you need to comply with their application instructions and their deadlines if they require a separate application for OGS.

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