Monday, 3 November 2014

Developer job and contest

We are a tech startup of young, passionate group of accomplished professionals (DDS, MD, Computer techies, MBA’s, entrepreneurs, graduate students etc) and we are looking to add another team member to our in-house team of developers. We present you with a straight-forward and fun competition as opposed to the classical, boring or even intimidating interview.
The competition is to create a website where you would integrate the following key points:

- users can create user accounts (and accounts only get activated after users confirm their email address)
- users can send messages to each other and be notified of new messages
- users can set and agree on a suggested time and date for meetings on a shared calendar. Confirmations of scheduled meetings will be notified to both users in the system who have scheduled the meeting times.
- API integrate a java game into the website (any pre-existing game)
- Two users within the system can launch the API-integrated javascript game from within the online space you created by either launching it instantly or by scheduling the launch ahead of time (just like booking an appointment).
- Integrate a simple external chat into the online space (eg., facebook chat. So that when users are in your online system, they can receive messages sent by other users within the online space in their facebook accounts).

The competition winner will be decided after an internal meeting of the co-founders of our startup. The winning prize is a $2000 CAD appreciation reward, the chance to learn more about our revolutionary startup, and the chance to become part and hold equity in this startup.
Please also let us know if you are an expert in any or all of the following areas: database, Ruby on Rails and/or AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Most importantly, have FUN with the project of this competition! If you have any questions at all, please email a member of our team at:

Looking forward to your submissions.

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