Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping at Western University scholarship

Last year the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping at Western University, introduced a specialized scholarship. Because of the great success we had with this program last year, we are once again offering this scholarship to students within Canada, both fourth year Under Graduates and Graduate students, who have some experience with MRI scanners who would like to apply to join us for this event that is being held: February 18th - 21st, 2016 at Western University London, Ontario to work on our 3T,7T and 9.4T scanners under the direction of some of the finest research scientists Canada has to offer in this field of study.

Applications are currently open and additional information may be found at http://cfmm.robarts.ca/cfmm-winter-school/winter-school-2016/ or by emailing cfmm-winterschool@robarts.ca.

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