Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Internship opportunity in Paris on analysis of Linux kernel source code

Mitacs Globalink is an internship program that provides funding for Canadian students to do 3-6 month internships in France (and a few other countries).  Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible; undergraduates must have at least a B average and must have completed their second year of studies prior to the start of the internship.

The Inria Whisper team would like to offer an internship in the area of software engineering, targeting the Linux kernel.  The Inria Whisper team develops the Coccinelle program matching and transformation tool for C code that has been extensively used for finding bugs and performing evolutions on the Linux kernel.  Over 3000 patches in the Linux kernel mention Coccinelle.  The project would depend on the interests and background of the intern, but would be in the general area of using or extending Coccinelle to better understand properties of Linux kernel code, and to improve the Linux kernel's development.

Interns should have good programming skills, and should be familiar with C code (or a related language such as C++).

Mitacs Globalink:


Deadline: November 20

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