Friday, 25 October 2013

NSERC CGSM Scholarship Competition for 2014-2015

Deadline on-line:  8:00 pm December 1, 2013

Attention 4a and 4b students applying for Graduate Studies in 2014, please find information below about the NSERC CGS-Masters Competition.

Before you complete your application:
1. Check and ensure that you are ELIGIBLE to apply.
2. Start talking to some faculty members about getting 2 references.
3. Check to see how and when transcripts must be ordered


NSERC CGSM Scholarship Competition for 2014-2015
On-line Deadline:   December 1, 2013  8:00 pm
Via NSERC's on-line Research Portal

The web page below and its right hand menu will give you lots of information about the application procedures.  In particular, the sample CGS-M application and the instructions are easily available here. Be sure to read the instructions for the free form pages and follow them to the letter.

Ordering Transcripts:

These must be able to support your application and referees need to be familiar with your work.  See the tips for selecting referees who can provide a strong refernce.

Q & A Session for NSERC CGSM applicants:
Wednesday, November 6th
DC 2585
10:30 - noon
Bring your questions/concerns and get feedback about your application.

NSERC CGSM Consultations
Wednesday Nov 20, 2013
Book a 15-minute appointment for us to review your draft application before final submission.  This will help you to submit a clean application. Once submitted, the application cannot be edited.
Email for appointment:

NOTE: The NSERC CGS-M application will also be used to rank applicants for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).  No separate OGS application is required.

Contacts for more information:
Margaret Towell
Paula Roser

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